cropped-amen-4-4.pngAccording to the PEW Research Center, 35% of adult Millennial Americans are religiously unaffiliated. Far more Millennials say they have no religious affiliation compared with those who identify as evangelical Protestants (21%), Catholics (16%) or mainline Protestants (11%). But only 47 of 511,000 public offices are held by openly secular politicians: less than 0.01%.


Why aren’t we being recognized as a politically valuable demographic? Why this glaring lack of representation?

Atheist Membership for Equitable Nominations (AMEN) is a brand new political activist group based in Columbus, OH, who will work toward the acceptance of atheists and nonreligious persons into society and government, holding our representatives accountable to our growing demographic. AMEN holds that:

  1. Atheists and religious nones should be accepted into every social and political arena without having their morals or humanity called into question.
  2. Every local or federal electoral candidate should take the freedoms, requirements, and worldviews of atheist Americans into account.
  3. Atheists and religious nones should be able to openly run for government without it affecting their chances of winning.

It’s time we show the world that atheists can be just as patriotic as anyone else. We deserve to be recognized as full citizens with all the protections and freedoms granted our religious counterparts. It’s time to stop waiting for a god to bless this country. We bless America, every day, one small political action at a time.

Statement of Inclusion: 

AMEN welcomes all political leanings, genders, orientations, races, and worldviews. If you are an atheist committed to bringing about nonreligious equity to American politics, you are part of the family!


Atheist Membership for Equitable Nominations (AMEN) is a member of the Columbus Coalition of Reason. 

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